A Guide to the City of the Future- Singapore

I have been fortunate enough to live in this city-state for 4 beautiful years. So let me tell you what I learned about Singapore during this time. First things first, many of you will ask: “Where is it?” and let me tell you, it is a fair question. Before my move there, I myself was … More A Guide to the City of the Future- Singapore


my tivities

I feel like that my objective picture of myself Is terminally trapped in separate time-space continuum, Always lagging few years behind, and lingering somewhere where I can only get close to it for an instant, In that instant I feel like me, whatever that is but like everything good objectiveness is gone maybe to return … More my tivities


Sometimes when I put a mask on, I don’t see myself, I see all the history, And for the brief moment, I remember my ancient self and smile, Just briefly, And then I put my head down and The mask is off.