Can traveling and volunteering be combined together?

It was a summer afternoon when my friend and I were studying for our exam later that year. During one of our well-deserved breaks, she told me about her volunteering experience in Paris the year before. She spent a month in Paris working in a park with volunteers from all over the globe. They were working … More Can traveling and volunteering be combined together?

Two apps for travel that I discovered recently

It used to be all about the web searching on your computer of different sites for flights, accommodation or maps for your next destination. In recent years more web sites created the apps for mobile phones, making it more convenient and faster  for  the user to plan next trip. For example, I use more Skyscanner app now … More Two apps for travel that I discovered recently


Sometimes just sometimes, Wounds are so small, you don’t even see them with your eyes, You don’t even feel them or maybe don’t Acknowledge their existence, Or you ignore them from the beginning, And then something strange happen, You can feel the small heartbeat, All of a sudden you feel that pulse, And you don’t … More Sometimes


I willingly toss my DNA around me, Like is something natural and easy, Always keeping in mind that is just that, Nothing more or less. I keep everything else inside deep, Covered with easy and glide in everything I do, From time to time I have that desire to walk as I should not because … More Anima

The tingle of known

The cells are rushing in my body, Creating sweet emergency, The blood just follows the known rhythm, Rhythm that gets stronger every minute, Time takes slow motion mode and waiting is on, The connection begins. The rush is imminent and the crash is near. Every time feels the same, And somewhat new When it is … More The tingle of known