The Geek in a Girl!

Ever since I came across the beautiful thing called Eventbrite, I embarked on a beautiful journey of meeting new and interesting individuals and expanding my already wide knowledge in general.

On Wednesday on 15th April, 2015 this app took me to a Geek Girl Meetup Singapore to a event Taking a Leap. I had no trouble finding the place, which was on Newton Circus, 237 South Bridge Road. The first hint were people standing around and talking with great interest. When I came in (I must admit that I am always early bird at events!), I found organizers, speakers and some early birds like mee.

They offered me a drink, and I took wine just to loosen myself a little more. As I was sitting and drinking my wine, I started to talk with one of the speakers Sjiva de Meester about the idea for the app that I had. From that talk I concluded that this meetup is going to be really interesting for me to attend. She was really good to point out some things in my idea for me to work on and also she told me that I must first recognize the problem I have to solve with this app and the most important thing to know needs of a customer for whom you are building your app. That been said my journey as a geek begun…

This was a beginning of a beautiful thing!
                            This was a beginning of a beautiful thing!

I was surrounded in a matter of minutes by boys and a lot of girls, who also wanted to share their geek self with other people. Really quickly everybody started talking to each other, and after a buzz was at its peak, event started. First up was Sjiva talking about creativity, ideas and costumer feedback.

Ideas, ideas, ideas
                                                   Ideas, ideas, ideas

I was mesmerized with all the information I was receiving. How to boost your creativity from early age, how to look on tasks that are in front of you and most important, what is the problem you want to solve and for whom are you solving it.

Next up was Julie Beusmans and she talked about ideas and how it is really important to develop them according to the client needs and it is crucial to brainstorm with other people to do so. This part was really interesting because it was interactive. We were asked to design a chair for the partner sitting next to us. First we made a draft without talking with our partner and after that we talked about his needs for sitting comfortably. It was interesting, for me, to see how my design changed after the talk with my partner. It was really good to see all that talk put in practice.

Last, but not least, was  Audrey Ang co-founder of PagePink, a web page that can give you  all the wellness and beauty information that you need for Singapore. She talked about the beginning of her business and how her and her partner developed it and as she said to me later, still developing, their web site. It was a really good talk to hear for someone who is thinking to make their own business online and what steps you need to take to make it happen. Truly inspiring  to hear, as I told her afterwards.

After the all the speakers finished, we all engaged in talking and networking. I must admit that this was my first networking in Singapore, and I really liked it. Exchanging ideas, talking about things with different people was refreshing and very inspiring.

I must say that for me as a professor of a Spanish language was  truly amazing to discover that little geek inside and to promise him that I will look after him more in near future.

                                              Can`t wait for another event from you girls!


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