Just some goood music

I love living here in Singapore, because I get constantly surprised. Last night I decided to have my favorite fish soup in fancy hawker center ( do not worry, I will make some blog about my favorite dishes and snacks in Singapore!), and take a stroll next to Marina bay. Anyone who has ever been in Singapore knows what I am talking about. For those who don`t here is the picture.

Beautiful Marina Bay by night
                               Beautiful Marina Bay by night

I am as always mesmerized by this view. It is outstanding, especially at night. Passing by this beauty, I found myself next to Esplanade Theater,  on a Waterfront stage to be exact. I came here to listen Rhythm Nation, but ended up listening to them

Vooodooo sound
                                                         Vooodooo sound

I ended up listening to these guys instead of Rhythm Nation. I do not feel any regret. They were excellent. Such an energy on stage, and diversity of sound. It was amazing and refreshing to hear something like that. I was sitting behind a older lady who was face timing the entire concert to her son. so awesome.

After the first set I went home but I bought a EP from the guys and now enjoy listening them at my home.

That is what i love here, you always end up listening something new and refreshing.

For more pictures and a video check out my Flickr stream next to the blog.


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