Labor day extravaganza

Let me entertain your brain with comparing celebration of Labor day in my home country and one that I recently celebrated in Singapore or should I say in Beer land called Langkawi.

In Serbia our Labor day celebration begins in heavy preparation, military like, the day before. My husband has a clear picture every time, what he wants to put on his grill. So we spend a day in planning and buying every little thing we need.

Day begins, military style, at 8 am, because my husband likes to start before anybody else can even think about anything but coffee and some breakfast. He wakes up everybody, and starts preparation for the BBQ, after that he starts the fire.

He likes to keep everybody busy and therefore he asks from guests to do something. That way you are helping and doing something and BBQ business is going smoothly. He does not let nobody eats until everything is done.

              Another part of BBQ

Let me tell you something. If you are awaken in 8 am, working all day, and of course drinking some Serbian beer

Serbian Beer
       Serbian Beer

You are seriously hungry at 2 or 3 pm, so with friends and family you sit down and eat, eat till you are sick to your stomach.

That is how my Serbian Labor day is all about, drinking, eating with a lot of friends.

When I moved to Singapore, public holidays like Labor day, changed a little bit. Still I have a lot of drinking, eating with friends but now we travel somewhere.

Now I can compare this Serbian celebration with Labor day that I had on Langkawi recently. We woke up before 8 am, because we had flight at 10.55 am. Ok, not everybody woke up, some of us needed a little more time, but everybody were on the plain, so that is what’s counts. Arrived there to this place and Beer land begun.

The beach baar
                                           The beach baar

No preparations, nothing at all. Celebration is on, a little bit of beer, sun and sea. After eating we went to  hotel, changed and continue to celebrate. Second  day, spa  day. Beautiful spa, rest and go out.

To the club we go
                               To the club we go

And more celebration. What to say it is a Labor day, and the best way to celebrate it is by drinking and eating, but this kind of celebration is new to me. I am not used to this travelling and all this. But I like it, nevertheless. The only thing I miss are my friends to celebrate with, because I am used to that. Labor day just got easier and more fun with travel. And the best part is that you can rest your eyes to this. They say picture is worth thousand words so, here it is.


As you can see, we did not move from this Beer land bar paradise, and we liked it that way.

 Happy Labor day to everyone and  may the beer be with you!


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