Training Shed-mmmm it feels like home

Ever since I first came here it felt like I came home. This is a place where everybody is really relaxed and positive. Last time I felt like this is long time ago on some Serbian music festival. Here I could sense that energy, that effortless energy again. People around me were dancing with kids, kids were running around, enjoying the outdoors while their parents talk and drink with friends. Like some kind of twisted Woodstock, but much better.

And after some time and some drinks

Kids get tired

Look at the face of this girl in the corner, yeah she is tired, and wants to go home, and wondering: Why are these adults acting so weird?

Answer to that question is really simple. They all came to this place

Just to remember how it was to be in your place; be free, play, dance and smile till your mouth muscles hurt.

They forgot that. It is nice to be reminded from time to time and enjoy a little.


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