Singaporean Food part I- Snacks

When I first came to Singapore, one thing amazed me, the food. I did not go my first time to eat in a fancy restaurant, or some world acclaimed Chef’s place, nooo. I went to hawker center or makan. That is a large, usually, open space with a lot of small stalls offering different food. Here you can buy from Japanese, Malayan, Indonesian to Thai, Vietnamese and of course Singaporean local delights. You pay for the food, with no additional costs, and you eat outside with bunch of people. What can be better than that!

There are so many things to share with you, but for starters let’s explore some Singaporean snacks. I must thank one colleague of my husband for introducing me to these two. First is, of course, my favorite snack when I am on diet or whenever.

Kueh tutu

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The way they are making it is very interesting to me. They take coconut flower and put it in a mold, then add the filling, ether with coconut or peanuts, and put the cakes on a small steamer. These are the healthiest snacks that I enjoy. It is so tasty that you want to go and eat it more.

Second one is a little different.

Muah ji

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It is made but cutting with scissors some glutinous paste, and then is covered with mix of caster sugar and grind peanuts. I really like it, but my friends were divided about this one. Certainly worth of try.

Third one I discovered recently with one of my friends. We were drinking beer in front of 7/11 and some nice lady give us this one.

Sweet bao

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This is steamed rice ball with bean paste inside. When I say it like this, most of you will say, no way that tastes good, but believe me guys when I say that this is pure heaven when you try it. It is so warm and soft and creamy, you can find it in almost every hawker center and some 7/11, and also you have salty variants, but I really like sweets so I favorite this one.

Fourth I discovered with a little help of my good Japanese friend, as she posted it on her page and I asked and my husband brought me this delight.


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I can not describe the texture, it is really soft like doughnut, even softer and filled with different stuff like coffee, mango or chocolate. It is simply delicious. I found out tree days ago that I can buy it here in Singapore, so I was sooo happy about it.

Fifth one, you can call a snack, but for some people can be a lunch also.

Bun with meet and vedges

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It is pastry filled with juicy mixture of meet and some vegges. Mmmmm it is really tasteful, and nice. The filling just drips from your face.

Last one is also pastry kind and it is heaven.


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I first discovered this one in Chinatown, and that was one of the tastiest that I tried. This spot is now closed and I am sad because it was really good. This kind of pancake you can buy with spring onion ( personal favorite!), eggs, cheese, and different fillings. All of them taste good so give it a try.

These are some of my favorite snacks here, and I should mention budget friendly, so next time you are in Singapore….



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