Working stress out

I remember when I was younger, I watched TV show “Stressed Eric”. The show follows Eric who is a husband, father and employee and shows how he handles all that. From the early morning, starting from his wife, and kids he gets annoyed, but he is still OK, and this stress continues during the work and just goes on when he comes back home. When stress level reaches the highest point, the vain on his forehead starts pulsating and after short time chocks him.  At that time I laughed so hard every time the vain starts popping, but now I do not find it funny at all.

As I grew older I started to understand that Eric. You just have more things to do, more responsibilities and more of everything. You do not have so much time to yourself, and when you get it you use it to check your e-mail. Where is this all going? Let me tell you, it is not the nice road ahead you if you get so tangled into everything. I got into that, not with job, family but just with my mind, and that is the worst thing. Nothing is worse when you have free time and you do a lot of thinking. Some will say that is good to have that kind of reflection, but not in this case. You build some things in your mind by yourself and that is not a good thing. And after all that thinking period it is good to be reminded that all the work you do is thinking, and the body is sooo behind. There is that old saying “In healthy body, healthy mind”, and I realized recently how important that was. And not just that, the other important thing  is to do things that you like as often as possible. If you like to watch movies, write, sing, whatever that is, find the time and do it. That is the main thing to beat the stress, happiness.

So next time when you feel like this

Stop for a second, reflect, and try to remember what did you do to relax, and without any thinking, just do that.



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