24-hour of heaven for my soul

It all started few months ago when I went to watch ” Three inches alive”. I learned about this theater play by accident, and went to check it out. I liked it a lot, but I was intrigued by a application form for 24-hour play writing competition. I immediately started thinking about it, and telling my friends that I am thinking to apply. To be honest I have a little experience in play writing. The first one was at primary school, and I wrote one with a friend. It was performed in front of the audience for some school celebration day. I will never forget the feeling of pure joy, when I stepped in the large hall and heard all the people laughing. That was really nice feeling. Second time was in college, and again, I wrote it with my friend. I remembered the same feeling that I had first time. That warm feeling of pure happiness. So I wanted to remind myself of that feeling, so I applied.

I asked a friend of mine to help me with some play writing techniques, so he was generous enough to send me some books and examples, and direct me to some forums, where I can get more information about everything I want to know. So my preparation begun. After all that the time is come to go and write some play. I went there knowing what I will write, at least I had an idea.

Nothing could prepare me for what I was going to experience. When I came there I was amazed by the place where we will spend our 24h.  It was a atrium of Institute for mental health, and it was so beautiful and peaceful. For the respect to the Institute itself, you will not see pictures of the place, just two of them which are about me. So I went in, with my large backpack, and camping gear, and was so excited to be there. After one hour, we met our game master, awesome drag queen who introduced organizers and explained all about stimulus that she will give to us and we have to include in out play. So after introduction and first stimulus we started to write. It is hard to explain to someone who never attended such event, how it feels when you are with a group of people who came there to write and have fun, just a little. I felt like I found my private heaven, that I share with 50 people. I was writing, eating, and writing some more. The organization was awesome, we had wonderful dinner, breakfast and lunch.Also you could always make some coffee and snack in between. I met some amazing people there. It was nice to see all of them talking about ideas with others and exchanging experiences. I know that I went to sleep around 2 a.m. and we started that day around 5 p.m. I just wanted to have some rest, but as I closed my eyes, ideas for the play started going through my brain. When I finished brainstorming, I went to sleep for 3 hours, and woke up for some more writing. That was the strangest thing. I was not tired. I was so pumped with some energy that, when I calculated after, I was writing actively for almost 20 hours. Fuck, that is a lot, when you think, but for me it was heaven. To be there, to think about the play, to write it. I think I found again that lost feeling of fullness, that I forgot.

I caught myself  smiling several times just because I had such a nice idea for some scene. Awesome feeling just awesome.

After a while I took some selfie and as you will see I was so tired, but nothing could erase a smile from my face

Happy tired writer

After all that writing we submitted our plays and slowly said goodbye and went home.

But I must admit that this was the best experience in my life so far and that I will be back, that is a fact.

Till then I will always have that lingering feeling of happiness when I remember my time spent here.


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