Smells like life

Ever since I was little the one thing I liked to do is to smell things. I remember that my first smell memory was autumn smell. It is a mixture of smell of leaves, rain on them, a little bit of rotten smell, and of course smell of my grandma dish prepared for me when I come from school. I liked to just stand outside and smell all this, and all together made such an impression on me that I still to this day remember this smell. I think I divided smells by seasons, because next one is smell of hay and field of freshly cut grass. That is a smell of living nature, for me at least. You can almost smell all the juices that were there and now they are gone. But the smell,o my god, the smell is so intense that you must close your eyes to enjoy it completely. And smell of snow. That smell has a special place in my heart, because I love winter. That picture in my mind of everything covered with show, everything elevated to higher state of being, everything so pure and white and the snow is slowly and quietly falling down and pinches your skin with cold feeling, and you close your eyes for the moment and smell all that, all the picture that you soaked with your eyes. You can almost smell the freshness of new beginning for all things. As I grew older I forgot that I like to smell things. From time to time I remembered, but like all things, it was just moment passing it time  just to remind me of something I really enjoyed.

Recently I remembered that I like that just by accident. I was riding my bike here in Singapore on park connectors, and as I was chasing the time I smelled cookies in the air. It was strange. First I thought that it is because I was on diet, but strangely enough, every time I passed some places I smelled it again. I liked it, for now I have a place here in Singapore where I can enjoy smelling cookies. Then I remembered, and every time I ride my bike now I do not chase time anymore but I smell world again. I smell the rain, the canal, the people, the track, the woods, everything. And just like that, some strange happiness emerges and spreads all over me. It never left my body, that desire to explore and smell. It was inside me all this time waiting a smell of cookies to awake it.

After that it was all gone wild. Smell of sea, islands, smell of National park in Australia, Ho chi mihn city smell, smell of woods near that city, Mekong delta smell, smell of Angkor Wat temples on the rain, smell of storm in Singapore, smell of beer in Langkawi, all that and many more, and I am actually looking forward to new ones.

I can not wait to have new experiences with my nose!


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