The change

Every change happens with some reason. Ether you want to or you provoke it or it just simply appears. Change comes and rearrange your life, surroundings, circumstances and at the end, you. Whatever the change brings, and whatever alternates it affects you at the end. When things change it is usually a good thing. Some changes make you scared, some of them petrified, some make you fall and some of them make you get up. You cannot realize the reason behind the change in the precise moment when it is happening. That is the beauty and at the same tame the danger of a change.  The beauty lies in the change itself. When something changes, that means that things in your life are affected by something. Something is moving and creates the waives. In the beginning of a change, you can not see anything. You see just a big waive coming your way, and the most common thing to do is to stare. If it is a big waive, you are a little scare, or maybe a lot. It all depends. And you let the waive hit you. The force is important here. It will strike for sure, but how much will it affect you? That is the only thing that is individual. It depends on you. Do you have your feet on ground firmly or is it your balance a little shaky? You cannot know that beforehand, nobody can tell you that. You can only feel it when the waive is down. When everything is calm again, when the air occupies your lungs again. In that moment, you still do not think about the change itself, you can only make one question with this new conquered air : What just happened? And you stand there, mesmerized by all the experience. After a while you start to adjust. From that point, you subconsciously choose two paths, one is up the other is down. And the path you choose defines the whole change. You choose to make a best of it or you make it your worst enemy. People always say : That is easy, I will always choose the up path! But the truth is, it is not always easy. Sometimes, even the best of us choose the other path. The danger here is that both paths affect you and change you in grater or minor way. That is the nature of change. The beauty of change and the danger of it. Everyone knows what happens when you go up, that is easy. You grow and become better. It takes time but you get in a better place then you were before. Nobody talks about that other way, the down way. It begins with giving to much significance to change and to much meaning. You start to think about it too much, spend your hours, days week thinking. You should have spent this time doing something, but you are on your ass sitting on that same beach and thinking about the reason for that waive, the meaning the nature of it. The worst thing you could to is that.  To sit and think, and do nothing. After a while, yes we are still on that beach, and you are alone there, so you start to think about everything else but the change. You think about the people, things, connect them in some weird ways, make new conclusions and make some new discoveries. You think you made them but in  reality, it is just too much of your time invested in other things. Your focus is shifted know and you do not see the reason of the change, you cannot, you do not see anything, and you can not see your self. Then it is time  for more thinking, and more and  more. Till one day something happens, it can be simple thing, some movie or some talk or something that shifts your focus to right direction. You stop for a moment, get up and realize that you have been sitting tooo fucking long. The waive has passed and something happen to you, horrible thing. It made you change your thoughts, it made you change your heart. And now the tricky part. How can you mend such a heart? Easily, you just pick yourself up, realize that you let some ugliness to nest for some time to nest inside of your heart, accept the change in you and thank to the change that showed you this side of you. Now you know that you should keep you heart in check and yourself too. Every change gives you different mechanisms to cope with results within. The only thing is, to keep in mind, that changes are here to make us more human, not the other way around.

So accept every change, good or bad, and you will grow in the way that you learn every aspect of yourself and your heart and soul.


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