Life story

I remember that I lost consciousness for a while and woke up on some unfamiliar place. I was scared for a while but regain my courage to looked around. I was on a street, laying down abandoned and I was completely wet. Damn it, I felt used. I could remember the day when I was born, shiny and new, full of hope. I was so clean and I just waited for somebody to pick me up. And after some time that person came, and I was so happy that to find somebody. I was used in a best way, we cuddled together and I was happy, so happy. It did not matter that sometimes I was in a mud, or wet, sweaty, it was all in a good fun. He had a really interesting and dynamic life and I felt like we have known each other for such a long time. I remember one time we went out and I was so amazed how everything seemed so easy and natural for us. I was wiling to stay for the rest of my natural life here where I felt that I  belonged. I knew that was not possible and that I will be broke and ripped soon and quickly replaced, but I did not mind that. I was on the top of the world, going every where, sometimes enjoying on some bench by the sea, watching him running barefoot to the waives. Heaven, I tell you, pure happiness and joy. And then this happens….

I wake up in unfamiliar place, all alone, abandoned and wet. Damn. I thought that we will grow old together, or I would  be replaced by new, young version, but in stead this. I hate myself and I can not do anything until somebody picks me up again or some garbage man comes and takes me to the place where all socks go to die. And I see black bag coming my way, and now must say so long, au revoir, I must go to the darkness. Smrc…..


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