The ride

It starts like everything else new, with a breath of fresh air and wind in your hair. You feel all the joy and happiness of new things and beginnings. You start to enjoy every single thing. The most common things get new light and color in your eyes. Your brain cannot deal with all this so just stop working and starts to enjoy more than ever. And that feeling lingers for a large amount of time. You do not ride, you glide and receive every single thing joined together. After some time of initial joy, you start to notice some other things. All of a sudden everything gains normal posture. All things in HDR mode are switched to AUTO, but the joyfulness diminishes a little. You become a little tired of all this, and frustration begins to emerge. The thins are just things now, and you see them in real light. You just want to finish what you started and get to home safely, but the road stretches before your eyes and the frustration goes up. You wonder around and suddenly you are lost. All the means that used to help you to get home are gone, you have to rely on your instinct and luck. You are worried that everything will fall apart and in that moment of despair you see the sigh pointing at your home. The happiness you feel in that moment is equal to relief. You feel the new burst of energy and you feel like you are about to start singing, but the common sense instruct you to just nod your head in a rhythm of music. Your heart beats faster and the HDR mode is back again. You feel everything at the same time: happiness, tiredness, joy, love, hate. Everything. And after sometime you reach to your destination and you are tired and happy at the same time. Calm enters into your soul. And peace is welcomed and dear guest. You are home.


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