How I went to Melbourne and ended up in jail

So let me tell you one little story about my trip to Melbourne. It started in a most common way. I flew there to meet my husband, who already was there for business. This was actually my second time on Australian soil and I was so excited. That excitement kicked in a little later because I was sleepy and cranky after my plane ride. So there was the resurrection of the joy and excitement after my much-needed sleeping time. I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the city. So I couldn’t wait to go outside.  Then and there my Melbourne adventure started.

I first visited Botanical gardens and immediately after the Rod Laver arena. I am a big tennis fan and I enjoyed to take pictures there. Like every other tourist walked around the streets, was amazed when I discovered free wi-fi on Federation square. That was incredible. The Nacional Museum in Melbourne surprised me with a forest inside, and beautiful hipster neighborhood nearby.

All around the city, you can find  a mixture of old and new architecture, and it is beautifully combined. I would like to say that I felt like I am taken care off as a tourist. There was a free loop tram line with stops at the major tourist attractions. So if you get tired of walking you can catch it and enjoy the ride. I took it when I went to visit James Cook’s cottage. It is situated in a beautiful park and also very informative. It is a must visit spot if you want to learn about the history of Melbourne. For more pictures please visit

One day I was walking and came across a strange site. A group of people was  standing in front of a door of a building. I was curious so I went to the ticket office next to it to ask around. It turned out that that was old Melbourne prison now converted to  the museum. I felt intrigued, especially when  the lady told me that for  some extra money I can also get arrested by the officer.Hmmmm. I did not think twice. I bought the arrest and museum ticket combined. The lady told me to go and wait together that with  the group of people for the officer.

After a few minutes, a man in a uniform came out and told us to go in. I must admit it sounded  like we got arrested. He told us to line up against the wall, go with our fingers through our hair, then face the wall and lift our feet one by one. Then we went to take a mug shot.mug-shot

Sorry, it is a little blurry but yeah that is me. Then we were escorted to the detention unit.


In the detention unit, man and women were separated and closed in a cell for 5 minutes. I must admit, even though I was not really arrested, the thought of spending time in jail was horrifying. I started to imagine, and I have a vivid imagination, how would it be to spend a year or more in a cell like that. Thank god the officer returned because I was getting really anxious. Damn my imagination, I blame it all on you! If you are laughing now, just look at this horror


Calm Room

This is the room to meditate there. Whoever likes some quiet time or officer thinks that you are nervous or something, you go there. After a friendly chat with our officer, we went to visit rest od the prison.



Inside the prison cell

The prison itself is huge, it’s tree stories high and filled with cells like this. See what happens when you close the door.


You get a small hole for food

This was the prison where the death penalty was by hanging, but I will not show you the pictures. You have to go and experience all the equipment used and all the masks of famous prisoners killed there. Instead, I will show you one look inside the prison.


Inside the prison


So I went around, looked at these cells and everything and after a while, I went outside and was pleasantly surprised to see this.



There were all these prisoners like me lying around in a such a beautiful yard. So I did the same, I soak for little this prison experience of mine and went for a final shot.


When I went outside to the ticket office to get the picture, I found the lady  standing next to the printer laughing so hard. She gave me the picture and told me that mine was the best one that day.

In the end, I must admit, this was the strangest museum visit ever. I cannot tell you everything that was going through my head when I was inside the prison. I can say this until you don’t visit one, you cannot appreciate the freedom fully.



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