Two apps for travel that I discovered recently

It used to be all about the web searching on your computer of different sites for flights, accommodation or maps for your next destination. In recent years more web sites created the apps for mobile phones, making it more convenient and faster  for  the user to plan next trip. For example, I use more Skyscanner app now for flight search then actual website. Same thing goes for accommodation, you have apps like or Hostelworld at the touch of your fingers.

If you want to plan your trip ahead you can do so by buying cheaper flight tickets through Skyscanner app and book your accommodation on Booking. com. Buying in advance is smart policy because you can find everything cheaper than booking everything two weeks before you go.

This is all fine when you have a clear plan ahead of you, but what when you are not sure when you want to go and still want to get cheap flight ticket? I have an answer to that. Recently I discovered an app Hopper. This beautiful thing can predict for you when is the best time to buy a ticket at the cheapest price. That is not the end. You can set the app to send you notifications about the cheapest fare for a  destination you choose. So if you want to travel from Singapore to Bejing next year, you can set your trip and this app will send you when is the time to buy the cheapest ticket. It is real convenient for people who do not have a clear schedule in advance.

When you do all this and you wake up the next morning ready to explore the city and you do that with a smile on your face until you realize you do not know where you are. I was in Japan recently and I stumble upon a boy with printed map looking for the way to his hotel. In Japan is a little tricky to ask for directions because they rarely speak English. He was lucky enough to ask me, I used my app to help him and we also spoke a little in Spanish because he was from Colombia. I was so glad that I could help him, and also saw a sign of relief on his face. At the end of our short conversation I recommended him to use the app that I have and he will never be lost again.

The app in question is Ulmon map. This app is a life saver if you like to go off road from your guide book. The maps can be downloaded to your device, they are detailed and can be connected to Wikipedia information. The best thing about them is that you can use them offline, which is very important when you go overseas because you cannot always find free internet spots. It works with GPS so it can locate you whenever you press the button and also which is very important, show you in which direction you are going. That is so important because I got lost so many times going in the wrong direction.

With these two apps, especially with the second one, my life as traveler became more free, easy, and convenient. I hope that yours will be also after reading this.




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