How I went to the Rome on a whim

Two years ago I was visiting my hometown in Serbia. I was commenting with two of my close friends how it would be nice to travel somewhere in Europe while I was there.I don’t honestly remember how Rome was brought into a conversation, but it was. I remember that immediately after that I started looking for the cheapest way  for three of us to get there and stay for 6 days. I found it rather quickly and send them emails hoping that they will say yes. What happened was surprising  and overwhelming to me at the same time. They both said yes and then and there we decided to go on a Rome adventure on a whim. From that moment on, one of the most spontaneous and relaxed adventure in my life begun.


First Rome espresso

When we arrived in Rome and later to our hostel,  the first thing we did is went for some coffee. The Italian way of drinking coffee is totally different from what we used to in our homeland. They are drinking it while standing and eating some pastry. After that, they are on their way to  daily routine. We like to drink it while sitting and chatting, so we did our thing with Italian coffee.

One chat after and we were off. In those six days, we saw so much that I cannot remember the order we did it. I remember only the first thing. The Colosseum. And it was a magnificent site especially in the night.


Beautiful Colosseum by night

The next day we went out. I cannot give you advice what to see because the city of Rome is one big museum. Everywhere you go there is something to see. The architecture is amazing. The city itself is a reminder of all the past and history events. We were also lucky that my friend studied Italian so we got the whole experience of the city. Here are some photos of the Rome.


Roman Catholic church 


We all know what this is, don’t we?


Part of Spanish steps


Beautiful, isn’t it?

While I don’t remember the exact order of things that we saw, I can easily recall four events that marked my adventure with my friends. These are (in chronological order, just kidding): spending an evening in gay quarter, entering Vatican museum in 5min, playing our folk song to a Japanese girl  and eating authentic Italian pizza.

I remember that we walked all that  day and were pretty worn out.As we were heading to our hostel to rest for the night, we stumble upon  a bar that had a bunch of people laughing. We decided at once that we need a rest and sat there for a drink. While we were ordering we noticed that there were a bunch of, mainly, guys talking and laughing with the guys. Suddenly it hit us, we were in a gay bar. The bar itself was full of people who were having fun so we stayed, laughed and had an amazing time. The only picture I have from this evening is this. That only shows that we did not have time to take any just to soak up the moment and enjoy ourselves.


Italian beer

When we were sitting and planning our visit to Vatican museum, we were worried that it will take 2 hours to enter them. Everybody told us, from a little Japanese girl in our hostel to our hostel owners that it will take a  certain time to enter. So we went that rainy day and hoped for the best. To our surprise, we went in just 5min. That is what it took us to buy tickets and enter museum. It was the best thing ever. The rest is in pictures.


Vatican museum


is amazing
















again and again.

It was during of one of our little dinners in our hostel that I started singing one folk song in our language that I sang the whole day. This time I decided to poison my friends once more with Youtube video of the mentioned song. I noticed that our Japanese roommate is moving her head to I asked her: “Do you like the song?” She replied: “This song is so catchy and now is stuck in my head!” She actually liked it so much. Since then we all became friends and hang out when we are in a hostel.

I remember that my friend asked her Italian university buddies where to go for some real Italian pizza. She found out that the Da Baffeto(she will probably  kill me for the spelling, so sorry in advance: feel free to correct in comments, please). We went there but it was closed, so decided to wait in a nearby Irish pub. We drank beer and waited for the pizzeria to open. When it did, we went in. It was an old place with a big oven and only a few tables. We sat there,  made our order and watched how our pizzas are made in the oven. Additionally, we ordered some domestic wine. We ended up eating and drinking another jar of the wine while the owner invited us to come on Thursday again. He liked our company and we adored his pizza in return. It was all Italian love.


The only picture that I have and I knew I misspelled the name De Baffetto is the name

In between,we went to a local market, which was an awesome experience. This I will recommend for every single person visiting Rome to do. You can try some nice cheese, vine, and local products. The unique experience of Italian food and life in just one visit, believe me. Sadly I do not have any pictures, probably because I was busy eating and trying every single thing.

We also went on a day trip to Florence, but I will save that story for the future. It is special and dear to me, that is the reason.

Last day we spent in shopping for souvenirs and exploring the interesting neighborhood of Trasvestere (hope I got that right, if not I know I will be corrected soon). This part of Rome I recommend for and easy stroll and dolce far niente ( if you watched Fellini like I did you will know the meaning). There are some art schools there and lots of small cafes

So you enter to this part of the town


which are not to expensive so we relaxed and soak up to this.



Only to find this


and this


next to this

But we also found this


And this also


this little square

As we walked we stumble upon a little inspiration as well



In the end of the day, the best thing about this little adventure is that I did it with my friends. This would not be the same without them.

Next time when you plan your adventure do it on a whim with your closest friends. That was the winning recipe for me, you should try it.








My friends on the best selfie ever!












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