How I went to Japan twice and ended up being famous

It all started last year when I was visiting Tokyo for the first time in my life. One day, while I was running to see everything, I decided to take a trip to Yanaka cemetery. I read in my guide that this particular one is a nice site when the famous cherry blossoms occur in Japan. I don’t know why I went at the end because it was autumn, but well. We don’t always have  a particular and sane reason why we do things, right?

When I got there it was just regular cemetery without any cherry blossoms and I decided to stroll around and see the Yanaka itself. I started going down the road only to find this.


Beautiful old Japanse street


Busy streets of Yanaka

Somewhere in those streets I took a turn left and suddenly ended up here.


Strange looking building in old Yanaka district

I was instantly drawn to  visit it. There was a certain mystique  about it and I had to found out all about it. This was actually a home museum of famous  Japanese architect and sculptor Sakura. Like any other visitor I bought a ticket and after a kind lady at the entrance asked me to remove my shoes and enjoy the tour, I went to find my mystique. The house itself was amazing. The mixture of Japanese traditional and Western architecture. The main room was full of his sculptures, and I enjoyed massively in his study and library. The big surprise was a small pond in the middle of the house and the rooftop. The pond was surrounded by Japanese style rooms and there was a certain peace about it, just by looking at the running water. The rooftop was a garden, full of plants and small trees, with a look at the whole neighborhood. I was so lucky my instinct draw me here,  otherwise, I would have missed it all. The museum did not allow photography but I still have a vivid image in my head of all the things I saw there.

At the end of my visit, when I was putting my shoes on,  the kind lady from the museum asked me to take a picture with her for the museum website. I was amazed. Not only that I enjoyed the museum I would be on its website. I quickly agreed and we did some pictures.

That was my first famous moment. The second one happened recently.

A month ago I was lucky enough to find myself again on the Tokyo streets. This time I was not running around, I enjoyed every single thing. Whether it was a street, food or building, I enjoyed  it. I remembered something that I did not get to do last time I was there.

My plan last time was to visit a cafe for Murakami fans in Tokyo. Last time I did not have enough time, so I decided that this time I would find some time to visit it. I planned my visit carefully because the cafe is well hidden and you have to follow some clues to get to it. Like, don’t miss the number six on a collumn.


Number that marks the entrance to the cafe

I followed the instruction and found the number as you can see from the above picture. Had something to eat and went in. I was not at all prepared for the site I found inside.

The small cafe was full of TV crews, and there was this guy sitting in the corner. I explained to him that I came here as Murakami fan to meet up with others, and expected that he tells me that because of all this tv commotion, it would be better to come another time.

The guy found me a place to sit and gave me some magazines to browse while waiting. At first,  I was thinking that maybe Murakami itself will come here. So I was sitting here so excited until I heard from one guy that was not the case. This journalist was interviewing me because the guy who told me to sit told him that I am a fan from Serbia. So I gave him some answers and waited. The guy, who is probably the owner, who gave me a seat to enjoy all of this, came and put a small tablet like device in my lap. I turned it on and saw  a live broadcast of TV program of what I was witnessing in that cafe. It was so fun. After a while,the owner asked me to join him in a spotlight. I met there the president of a book club and we chatted about Murakami and about everything. In the middle of all that, the guy who interviewed me earlier came back with a camera and did it live. After him, another  lady did the same. So I was being interviewed for Japanese TV how big Murakami fan I was.


The amazing owner being interviewed. I did not make this up 

I was in heaven. Here I was some fan from Serbia being asked all sorts of questions. After all this, I talked with my host some more, excused myself and left the scene.

When I went out to the air, I still could not believe what happened. It was so surreal that I thought that did not happen at all, but it did. I could not wipe a smile from my face.

This would not even happen without the owner. I am eternally grateful to him. He shared some of his spotlights with me and it was so amazing.  He really knows what does it mean to be a true fan. That day I was so grateful that I met him and had this amazing experience.

That is the second time I was famous in Japan. Who knows what will happen next time?











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