How you can go to Maldives on a budget

I already know what are you thinking. “Is she crazy, Maldives on a budget? Come on!” I was thinking the same thing but a research and a good friend of mine proved me wrong. So I will do the same to you.

Ever since I saw the movie about the  president of Maldives going to every Climate Change Summit and begging people to take it seriously or they as a nation will disappear, I wanted to go there. Who would not? When you see the pictures like this


Back then I was sure that this kind of travel is so expensive that I will never in my life afford to go there. But I was wrong. Last year I fulfilled this dream of mine, with a little help of a good friend. I will tell you how in a minute just when I stop looking at the above picture. Awwww

Traveling from Europe to Maldives can be expensive because the plane ticket usually is. This can be avoided if you plan your trip ahead and buy the ticket in advance. The other thing is hotel accommodation. If you stay on resort island hotels, this can be really expensive. Really expensive.  The third thing that can be expensive is transport. So by now you probably think, if everything can be expensive how can I travel there on a budget? Let me tell you how we went.

We were traveling from Singapore so the plane ticket was cheaper than the flight from Europe. When we landed on Male, we decided to stay for the night because we had state ferry in the morning. I was glad that we decided to do that because I had a chance to walk around and soak up the life of the locals.

The next morning after our breakfast, we went to the ferry station and bought our 2 US dollar ticket to Maafushi island. Yes, you read it correctly 2 US dollars only. There are some island like ours, that are connected with state ferry, so you do not need some expensive transport like speed boat or plane to get to your destination.

It took us an hour and a half to get to Maafushi, which is inhabited island, not deserted like so many resort islands.


Maafushi island

This island has a school, houses, some bars and hotels and a prison also. I think that the first night of our arrival somebody escaped but I was thinking,’where you can go here, maybe swim somewhere’. The city beach is really decent


Nice, right?

From this small island, you can go snorkeling around, spend a whole day on a resort island with lunch included and with additional alcoholic drinks (Note to the people who like a beer or something else: Alcohol is not allowed on some of the islands. Maafushi and Male were one of them. You can drink a beer or wine only on resort islands, but you have to pay a lot to stay on them).

The hotel we choose was nice. We had a lot of local food, which we both like to try. It was simple but tasty. First,  we went snorkeling


Spot next to resort island

This is a wonderful place to do so. You can see all kind of see creatures. Or something like this


Water bungalows

I think you should do more things like this



From time to time your eye catches something



We also stopped by this place


What is this you ask?

To answer your question, this is a sandbank. It is a small piece of sand in the middle of the sea. We stopped here to swim and eat and just enjoy. So enjoy











Our next excursion was resort island. We spent a whole day there with a lunch buffet and few beers and all of this


No words just look at the pictures




So I will not torture you anymore. If you want to go here, just book your plane ticket ahead or go with Tiger air, take a state ferry and enjoy all this yourself. Believe me, it is worth it.


Sunset on Maafushi




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