Why do I love to travel?

This is a question that lingers often in my mind past few days. I think that my perspective regarding the answer to that question is changed now. It became complicated to answer simply, rather I will explain the evolution of my travel experience over the years. Maybe we can deliver the truth together in a  discussion like Socrates did so many centuries ago.

In the past, whenever I prepare myself for travel, the feeling of restlessness was present from the moment I got an idea I want to visit a certain place. As soon as I start to plan it I would get a feeling of excitement, joy, fear all mixed together. It would continue until I am on a plane to that place. It will increase when I reach my destination. The moment I leave my bags and step into the unknown, I feel adventurous and joyful. Every little thing is exciting and new and ready to be discovered by me. So I am like a small battery charged to the fullest ready for the electrifying effect around me. I enjoy a stroll, a tree, every single thing that I consider common in my hometown. I am always on the move and want to see everything. So I jump all around and do this all the time during my travel.

Over the years some of this things vanished from my behavior and some, like excitement and planning, remained. I do not run now, I stroll and still look at everything like is a little wonder that I just discovered. One thing I know now is that you do not have to run everywhere. Travel now influences on me in a completely different way. I want to know the people of that country, to learn about their culture, to immerse myself in their daily routine as much as I can. I want to be the part of their world, not the other way around.

Maybe the reason for this is that I moved and lived and still living away from my homeland. I started to experience travel differently because of that. When you live in a certain place for a period of time you tend to immerse yourself in the local life and culture. So that made an impact on the reason why I enjoy traveling in a different way. I think that it only made me realize the importance of other cultures and the respect they deserve.

My reason for traveling is still the same in the essence but changed in shape and form. My love for traveling remains to this day. DSCF1054


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