I willingly toss my DNA around me, Like is something natural and easy, Always keeping in mind that is just that, Nothing more or less. I keep everything else inside deep, Covered with easy and glide in everything I do, From time to time I have that desire to walk as I should not because … More Anima

The tingle of known

The cells are rushing in my body, Creating sweet emergency, The blood just follows the known rhythm, Rhythm that gets stronger every minute, Time takes slow motion mode and waiting is on, The connection begins. The rush is imminent and the crash is near. Every time feels the same, And somewhat new When it is … More The tingle of known

The wind

When I imagine wind, I do not know why but always remember old movies. They had way of capturing the changes in human face better than anything. So every time I got a wind in my face I imagine myself in black and white and on slow motion. Like I am battling with the air … More The wind

The ride

It starts like everything else new, with a breath of fresh air and wind in your hair. You feel all the joy and happiness of new things and beginnings. You start to enjoy every single thing. The most common things get new light and color in your eyes. Your brain cannot deal with all this … More The ride

Life story

I remember that I lost consciousness for a while and woke up on some unfamiliar place. I was scared for a while but regain my courage to looked around. I was on a street, laying down abandoned and I was completely wet. Damn it, I felt used. I could remember the day when I was … More Life story

The change

Every change happens with some reason. Ether you want to or you provoke it or it just simply appears. Change comes and rearrange your life, surroundings, circumstances and at the end, you. Whatever the change brings, and whatever alternates it affects you at the end. When things change it is usually a good thing. Some … More The change

Smells like life

Ever since I was little the one thing I liked to do is to smell things. I remember that my first smell memory was autumn smell. It is a mixture of smell of leaves, rain on them, a little bit of rotten smell, and of course smell of my grandma dish prepared for me when … More Smells like life

Working stress out

I remember when I was younger, I watched TV show “Stressed Eric”. The show follows Eric who is a husband, father and employee and shows how he handles all that. From the early morning, starting from his wife, and kids he gets annoyed, but he is still OK, and this stress continues during the work … More Working stress out